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After your free drop-off at MRH Electronics your items will be analyzed and sorted for re-sale and recycling.

In our area, electronics are virtually disposable but there is a rather large demand for older and obsolete components in the US and abroad. In other parts of the world it makes much more sense to repair old equipment rather than buy new due to the cost of consumer electronics. These places are referred to as high-repair regions. We do our best to get your items into the hands of those consumers to avoid unnecessarily adding to the landfill epidemic. We use international re-sale sites to list our items for sale.

After selling working units, components, and items for parts and spares, sometimes end-use recycling is necessary. At that time we use only companies approved by California Department of Resources and Recovery (CalRecycle) with ISO 14001 certification. This is the best way for us to adhere to all state regulations and keep up-to-date with current rules. All of our recyclers have Covered Electronic Waste ID(CEWID) numbers.

Did you know you are paying for recycling when you purchase your electronics and computer equipment? The Electronic Waste Recycling Fee is imposed by the state of California on retailers and given back to the state so they may subsidize some recyclers. So when you are charged to recycle your eWaste you're paying twice!

Below is an actual example of a competitor's self-serve, drop off price list.

Electronic recycling drop-off fees:     *  Effective MARCH 1st, 2018  

NO LONGER ACCEPT FREE DROP-OFFS (Call for pickups by Appointment only).

Recycle Item Recycling Price

Monitors and Television Sets   FREE
Computer Monitors - CRT or Flat Screen $10 each
Television Sets $10 each

Computers and Computer Accessories    
Laptop Computers $10 each
Desktop Computers/CPU Unit 2005 and newer $10 each

Desktop Computers/CPU Unit older than 2005 $10.00
Scanner $5.00
Keyboard, Small Computer Speakers $1.00
Mice $10 each
Other Computer Equipment 50¢ / lb
Printers / Fax Machines / Copiers    
Inkjet Printers $5.00
Laser Printers, Fax Machines, Desk Copiers, All-In-One Printers 50¢ / lb
Floor Copiers 75¢ / lb
Inkjet Printer Cartridges Free
Laser Printer & Copier Toner Cartridges $1.00
Home Entertainment and Stereo Equipment
DVD Players, VCRs $5.00
All Other Home Entertainment and Stereo Equipment 50¢ / lb
Cell Phones and Accessories $10
Regular Phones, Small Answering Machine $1.00
CD's or DVD's (removed from all packaging) 410
Floppy/Zip Disks, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes 50¢ / lb

Batteries -  - LAPTOP ONLY
For residents of San Francisco County $10
For residents outside of San Francisco County $2.00 / lb
For all businesses $2.00 / lb
Laptop Batteries, Cell Phone Batteries 50¢ / lb
Larger Batteries 50¢ / lb
All Other Electronic Equipment 50¢ / lb

Only service we charge for is disk shredding as we contract out. Inquire about pricing.

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