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eWaste Re-Sale Recycle
READ/IMPORTANT --CALL FIRST, NO DROP OFF station, CALL US FIRST TO SCHEDULE for computer related ONLY pickup service!
MRH Electronics is a full service asset management, re-sale and recycling company, providing end-of-life programs for electronic equipment and components. We provide superior, start-to-finish, IT asset disposition services.

The following is our standard protocol for eWaste removal and processing for companies. Please note that any special requests will be honored and full customization of service is available. Large disposal boxes can be left on-site for your employees, permanently or for a fixed time. We can also help you host a recycling event. Regularly scheduled pick-ups available.

Free local pick-up. Contact us for out-of-area pricing.

How do you assure data security?

Using the standard MRH Electronics, LLC approach, the personal computers, servers, and workstations that pass testing, immediately have their hard drives cleaned of corporate data and software with our U.S. Department of Defense Approved Software.

Our Software Program:
  1. Listed as an Approved Disk Sanitizing Tool by the D.O.D.
  2. Supports any size hard drive and any format. Such as (IDE, SCSI, SATA etc.).
  3. Contains optional command line parameters  which enable the user to run the program from a DOS batch file.
  4. Permanently erases operating systems, program files, and your data.
  5. Erases ALL data from your physical drive.
  6. Erases all partition tables and drive formats - FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux.
  7. Verifies that your data has been erased.
  8. Feature to display specified sectors on the drive.

An appointment can be made by phone or email and scheduled for any time agreed upon in as soon as 24 hours.

Our crew will palletize and shrink wrap all materials slated for removal.

Load will then be taken to our secured warehouse for processing.

We analyze and itemize the contents, identifying items for re-sale and recycle.

A full report is started which includes description, model number, serial number if needed and any asset tags retrieved.

Hard drives are removed and returned to the company if requested or wiped clean with our DOD software according to instructions. Certification can be provided upon request.

Proprietary equipment is destroyed upon request and certification provided.

Items identified for recycling are separated into containers by material, such as metal, wire, plastic, aluminum, and general electronic breakage. Material is then transferred to end recyclers approved by the California Department of Resources and Recovery(CalRecycle) with ISO 14001 certification and Covered Electronic Waste (CEWID) numbers.

Hard copy of full report including asset tags is delivered to the appropriate company contact and soft copies are made available to any other interested parties authorized to receive them.

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